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Qunova is in the business of creating ...




... business as unusual


Qunova aims to initiate, develop, deliver and manage projects and businesses in innovative ways in a number of selected domains by bringing together creative people with significant experience in different areas.




At Qunova, we believe in a new approach in tackling old problems, an approach that is more and more being used in science to realize breathtaking breakthroughs. We take up challenges with an inter-disciplinary method and a team of experts from different fields. This often leads to fundamental new insights and solutions that can lighten-up new strategies and implementations, lead to novel business models and designs and bring enhanced efficiencies.


Image 1 - LeftThe creative and innovation process is fundamentally chaotic. So instead of following traditional process methods, we take our inspiration from chaos theory and complex systems. We start with brainstorm sessions, not with analysis, this from a believe that not all aspects can be analyzed, and that any variable can have a big impact on the outcome. The next step is to try and build a model that relates the various inputs and likely outcomes, refining the model as we run simulations. During this process, we constantly review our approach to avoid dead-ends or nonsensical results.


We like to involve our customers in this process as much as possible, depending on the customer's preference. We strive for 100% satisfied customers and make a large part of our fees at the discretion of the customer - we put our money where our mouth is.



A Network of People

Individuals make the difference. Although good team work is essential, a successful team is made up of strong experts. The Qunova team consists of a network of people from which we select the right people for a project.