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CMT and ICT Consulting

Qunova offers a wide range of consulting services for the Communication, Media and Information Technology sectors. With many years of experience in technical, coomercial and operational functions, Qunova is ideally placed to provide the required advice.


    • Strategy advice: defining or reviewing your company or business unit strategy, in all its elements (market product, customer service, operational, financial)
    • Process management: introducing or revisting a sound and efficient process and process management framework, focussed on practical and applicable methods
    • Innovation management: increasing the level of innovation in your company, in products, go-to-market or processes
    • Quality programs: implement systems for step change and/or continuous improvement
    • Operational efficiency: review, improve and put in place systems that focus on optimizing the operational efficiency and return on investment
    • Interim management




  ThinkTank is a complete service in conceptual, structural breakthroughs. Sometimes a company hits a wall in solving a problem, creating new business or in expanding its business model. Qunova will bring together a group of experts and attack the issue with an innovative approach. The ThinkTank process typically involves a number of steps:


    1. Forming team with creative experts
    2. Idea generation through research and brainstorming
    3. High-level iterative solution simulation
    4. Solution proof-of-concept
    5. Implementation project management